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19 Aug 2016: New clip Aneke Poops Her Diaper

In Her Pants

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New Panty Pooping Video to Download: Pippa poops her pantyhose

Watch me crouch down and make a huge brown mess in the seat of my pantyhose!

Frequently asked question: why is the price so low?

We've made 12 videos so far, and will make many more in future. We think they are so sexy that once you've bought one, you'll want to see more of them. So our low price of $4.99, even for some videos twenty minutes long, is worth it for us because we know you'll keep wanting more :)

New Panty Pooping Video to Download: Loud Mess in Pippa's Panties

Find out what it sounds like when a girl shits her panties - and what it looks like!

Frequently asked question: do the girl's use their own panties?

Yes, they use their own panties, partly based on which kind of panties they like to poop in, and also requests that they receive.

New Panty Pooping Video to Download: Pippa's Poops her White Trousers

Pippa urgently needs to poop. But she's wearing her thin white trousers. Should she mess her panties?

Frequently asked question: do the girl's enjoy pooping themselves in real life?

Yes, it's something they find very sexy to do. Often they stay in their pooped panties after the video has finished. They've also told me about times when they've messed their pants either on their own or in front of other people.

New Panty Pooping Video to Download: Pippa's Public Jeans Poop

In Pippa's live webcam chat last weekend, she got requests for an outdoor panty-pooping video. So she's done it. In her pants, to be exact! Take a look at these sample screen grabs from this new 20-minute video.

When are the next new videos coming?

We'll be adding new videos again soon. Please email us your comments and suggestions.

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